Custom Binder for comma separated value not working

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  1. Christian
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    I want to use a multiselect widget inside of a grid. The applicaton is Angular 1.6 with typescript.

    The model consists of a comma separated string.


    Problem: the widget is opened and initialized with the correct values. But when I change the widget these modifications do not update the model.


    This is what I've got so far:

    module {
        export class commaseparatedvalue extends {
            init(widget, bindings, options) {
      , widget.element[0], bindings, options);
            refresh() {
                // this is called correctly!
                console.log("refresh", this.bindings, this.element);
                var that = this;
                var value = that.bindings["commaseparatedvalue"].get();
                var values = value ? value.split(",") : [];
            change() {
                // this is not called
                console.log("change", this.bindings, this.element);



    any help greatly appreciated!


    Thank you!

  2. Christian
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    Posted 08 Jan 2018 in reply to Christian Link to this post

    I also tried to add the following inside the init:


                this._change = $.proxy(this.change, this);
                this.widget.bind("change", this._change);


    According to this documentation:


  3. Dimitar
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    Hello Christian,

    The preferred way to bind the change event is to use the bind method as follows:
    <script> ={
        init: function(widget, bindings, options) {
          var that = this;
, widget.element[0], bindings, options);
          this.widget = widget;
          this.widget.bind("change", that.change.bind(that));

    Checkout the following Dojo example, where the above is demonstrated in action. You will notice that the change event is being correctly triggered and a message is being logged in the browser console.

    For additional information and examples on how to handle events for custom widgets, please refer to the following documentation article.

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