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    I have a dll in my project created by a colleague which returns to me a class list of objects. "Restaurants" This is initialized at the beginning of the program and never changes and from what I can tell is created from a large XML file. I have kendo ui on the frontend and the data is too exhaustive to pull if all via JSON to the front end kendo datasource. (it just kills performance and makes the browser cry) I was wonder if there is guidance on how to use the datasource read capabilities to read portions of the list and the pull more later...etc. Basically allowing server side to limit the data on the front side. Do I need to build a web service? I have a web service semi created but I am currently manually keeping track of current amount of front end to back end and it very hard to keep up with all the details. It works, but I believe the grid should be able to perform faster. All sorting & filtering is currently done manually which is very ugly. This is literally just a list of objects on the back side and reading the data. (Sorry, really a newb in regards to backend development for this. Always just been a front end guy calling soap stuff created by others)
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    Dimiter Topalov
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    Hi John,

    I can recommend creating some sort of a web service that returns parts from the data and supports server-side data operations, especially paging (taking page, and pageSize as request parameters from the client).

    Then the Kendo UI DataSource can read the data, making a call to the previously created endpoint and use serverPaging to provide only the requested page of items to the client. This will take the load of transporting and processing all items off the browser.

    I hope this helps.

    Dimiter Topalov
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