Chinese input method bug in firefox

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    Posted 25 Nov 2015 Link to this post

     in firefox and mobile browser, Chinese character can not trigger  filter event。

    I found that  jquery.autocomplete has the same bug...

    following is the text ....


    But the only regret is that the Chinese input method in the open, firefox3.0 the Chinese Pinyin is the automatic matching, while the input is triggered after the time the Chinese can not match; and under my IE6.0, but not in problem.

    Autocomplete plugin on the user input characters trigger automatically match by "keydown" events of (can be analyzed jquery.autocomplete.js 92 lines), in IE6, when the input is open, enter the characters will not trigger "keydown ", only Chinese input is finished before the trigger, so the Chinese text input and latin no difference; But in firefox3.0, no matter whether the input open, keys will trigger the" keydown "event, with the result that Chinese input is completed, automatically match is just playing the part of the Chinese phonetic alphabet.

    Before the amendment:

    Be found online at most practices are modified jquery.autocomplete.js 92 line, "keydown" replaced "keyup", but this is not a fundamental way, although such a change in firefox after the Chinese input in a timely manner to automatically match But the original plug-in Enter, tab and other important events mechanism destroyed, for example such a change, if your input is in a form in it, Enter the selected items from the original input to input directly into submission in form form, and this is not what we want.

    Principle of my method is to add a plug-in triggered the original inquiry, which relates to occur when the input characters in the input field changed, re-query (called its internal onChange function), this is mainly for firefox, the most visited because of our system the IE and firefox. The input is just a change in firefox event is oninput, then we as long as the original jquery.autocomplete.js line 199, insert the following code:

    Js code
    . Bind ("input", function () (
    / / @ Hack by liqt: support for inputing chinese characters in firefox
    onChange (0, true);

    . Bind ("input", function () (
    / / @ Hack by liqt: support for inputing chinese characters in firefox
    onChange (0, true);
    )); Add the following into:

    Js code
    . Bind ("unautocomplete", function () (
    select.unbind ();
    $ Input.unbind ();
    $ (Input.form). Unbind (". Autocomplete"). Bind ("input", function () (
    / / @ Hack by liqt: support for inputing chinese characters in firefox
    onChange (0, true);




    hope you can fix it ,thanks



  2. Georgi Krustev
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    Posted 27 Nov 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Fei,

    The Kendo UI AutoComplete widget listens to particular HTML Input events like keydown, keypress. If they are not triggered by the browser or the correct keyCode is provided, then there is no much that we can do to address this limitation.

    As a workaround, you can implement some kind of "polling" that will check every 100ms whether the value has been changed and thus you can filter the widget manually. Please note that this solution is custom and falls out of the scope of the standard support service.

    Georgi Krustev
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