Child window breaking Tab Got Focus event.

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    I’m having a very strange issue that I can’t reproduce on a new project so I think it’s an issue with my app but I’ll ask anyway.


    Basically I have a tab control and the tabs have Got Focus events attached to them that fire as expected. However one of my Tab’s has a button that when clicked shows a Silverlight child window , after I close this all the Got Focus events stop working.


    I can click each tab and the Got Focus event will not fire, HOWEVER if I click the same tab twice the Got Focus event will fire and all the other tab’s Got Focus events start to work normally as well.


    I  can repeat issue over and over by launching child window, which breaks the Got Focus on all Tabs and by clicking the same tab twice fixes the Got Focus event for all tabs ….. it’s crazy!


    It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the particular child window as creating a new blank window with no code other than to pop it up still breaks the Got Focus events.


    And ideas would be a great help.




  2. Hristo
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    Hello Richard,

    Actually what I can simulate is a bit different but still does not perform in the appropriate way. In my case the button inside the header stays selected while changing the selected tab headers. The TabControl should not behave that way and must move the focus appropriately when clicking on the tab headers. I suppose this is the reason why the GotFocus event is not fired (you have to click twice).

    I've logged an issue in our public issue tracking system. You could track its status and vote for it through following the link:

    Currently we are improving our TabControl and fixing some of the bugs. Hope this bug will also be fixed for the upcoming 2011.Q1 official release.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more info.

    the Telerik team
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  3. Richard
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    Posted 02 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    Thanks Hristo,


    I have gone back to the Microsoft Tab Control for now, while not as pretty it does work more reliably. Hopefully in the next release this will fixed.




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