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Chart Markers - Vertical line

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Muhammad asked on 21 Feb 2013, 02:42 PM

I'm evaluating Kendo UI for our web / mobile project at the moment. I have browsed through the documentation and did not find much information on customizing chart Markers. I am looking for something similar to this high chart demo (specifically the marker line that shows up when you mouse over the data points). Can this functionality be replicated via Kendo UI DavaViz? Also, can we grab the tooltip values on mouse over and display it somewhere else on the chart; lets say near the legend?

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Iliana Nikolova
Telerik team
answered on 21 Feb 2013, 03:43 PM
Hi Muhammad,

Straight to your questions
  • I am afraid showing a line when hover over the markers is not supported in Kendo UI Chart. If you wish you can submit this idea as a feature request at our UserVoice portal - this way the community would be able to evaluate it and if the suggestion gains popularity we will consider its implementation for future versions of the product;
  • Modifying the position of the Chart's tooltip is currently not supported out of the box. As a possible workaround I can suggest the following approach: 
  1. Hide the tooltip as set visible: false configuration;
  2. Hook up to the seriesHover event;
  3. In such event call a function which sets the tooltip with custom position.
      tooltip: {
         visible: false,
         format: "{0}%"
      seriesHover: showTheTooltip
    function showTheTooltip(e) {
        $("#chart .k-tooltip").html(kendo.format(e.series.tooltip.format, e.value) + " - " + e.category).show();
      //custom position and size
Iliana Nikolova
the Telerik team
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Iliana Nikolova
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