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  1. Kindred
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    Posted 19 Jul 2017 Link to this post


    I have a chart with big checkboxes for mobile. 

    Unfortunately it takes a lot of space on my chart so I'd like to reduce the gap between each legends. (see screenshot).

    I tried to change legend.label.margin = 0 and legend.label.padding = 0, without success.


    The code to generate my legend looks like this:

    "legend": {
                        "position": "bottom",
                        "labels": {
                            "color": "#5d707c",
                            "font": title_legend_font_size,
                            "margin": 0,
                            "padding": 0,
                        "item": {
                            visual: function(e) {
                                var color = e.options.markers.background;
                                var labelColor = e.options.labels.color;
                                var rect = new kendo.geometry.Rect([0, 0], [350, 100]);
                                var layout = new kendo.drawing.Layout(rect, {
                                    spacing: 5,
                                    alignItems: "center"
                                var cbSymbol = ? "☑" : "☐";
                                var cb = new kendo.drawing.Text(cbSymbol, [0, 0], {
                                    fill: {
                                        color: labelColor
                                    font: checkbox_font_size
                                var defaultVisual = e.createVisual();
                                layout.append(cb, defaultVisual);
                                return layout;


  2. Kindred
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    May 2017

    Posted 19 Jul 2017 in reply to Kindred Link to this post

    Sorry there doesn't seem to be any edit option.
    Just to clarify what I meant is to reduce the gap between each labels of the legend.

    So the whole legend container would be smaller.

  3. Stamo Gochev
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    Posted 21 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    Hi Kindred,

    What I can suggest is to decrease the value of the "checkbox_font_size" variable as it creates a larger box for the legend items. The margin/padding properties won't work in this case as they apply to the built-in visual, but the checkboxes are new elements.

    Stamo Gochev
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