Cascading dropdown with child not binding to specific parent

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    Hi guys, I'm new to Kendo UI and I'm current trying to implement a cascading dropdown with children not binding to specific parent. Below is the datastructure I have. I would like to update all children dropdowns when parent change. However, I can't find any api within current kendo UI that support the requirement since all the cascadefromfield requires me to put the parent id within each child item in order to match. I also having difficulty to find any events that will be triggered on child indicating that parent value has changed so that I can perform manual updates since I don't want to perform direct UI element manipulation through JQuery within my angular controller. I wonder if there's any other ways for me to achieve what I am looking for? Thanks. 

    $scope.dataOpts1 = [
                                { Name: "Parent1", Id: 1, Child0Id: 6, Child1Id: 10 },
                                { Name: "Parent2", Id: 2, Child0Id: 7, Child1Id: 11 }];
                    $scope.dataOpts3 = [
                                { Name: "Child1", Child0Id: 6},
                                { Name: "Child2", Child0Id: 7},
                                { Name: "Child3", Child0Id: 8},
                                { Name: "Child4", Child0Id: 9}];
                    $scope.dataOpts2 = [
                                { Name: "Child11", Child1Id: 10},
                                { Name: "Child12", Child1Id: 11},
                                { Name: "Child13", Child1Id: 12},
                                { Name: "Child14", Child1Id: 13}];


  2. Nencho
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    Posted 23 Nov 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Riu,

    Indeed, having a specific dropdown widget configured with multiple child is not feasible. As for the event - you can use the requestStart event of the dataSource object,  of the dropdownlist widget:

    However, regarding the described scenario, I would suggest you a slightly different implementation. You can skip the usage of the cascadeFrom functionality and manually achieve it, due to the inability to have two child widgets. That being said, you can handle the select events of the parent DropDownLists, then manually get a reference to the child dropdown and supply the data using the setDataSource method:

    In the following dojo example, you can find an exemplary implementation on the matter:

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