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CartesianGridLineAnnotation line not show vertical

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Javier asked on 14 Feb 2019, 02:44 AM

Good evening, I have a small inconvenience, I want to show a vertical line in the highest value of the chart, but when I try to do it, it shows the line vertically. Any suggestions? Thanks.


this code:

 var max_linea = listaDatos.Max();
            var min_linea = listaDatos.Min();
            var posicion = listaDatos.IndexOf(listaDatos.Max());


            CartesianGridLineAnnotation annotation1 = new CartesianGridLineAnnotation();
            annotation1.Axis = this.ChartSuspension.Axes[1] as CartesianAxis;
            annotation1.Value = max_linea;
            annotation1.BorderColor = Color.Red;
            annotation1.BorderDashStyle = DashStyle.Solid;
            annotation1.BorderWidth = 1;
            CartesianGridLineAnnotation annotation2 = new CartesianGridLineAnnotation();
            annotation2.Axis = this.ChartSuspension.Axes[0] as CartesianAxis;
            annotation2.Value = posicion;
            annotation2.BorderColor = Color.Blue;
            annotation2.BorderDashStyle = DashStyle.Solid;
            annotation2.BorderWidth = 1;

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