Cannot Publish Windows Phone 8.1 Apps in the Windows Phone Store

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    When you attempt to upload your application package in the Windows Phone Dev Center, Microsoft rejects your submission with the following validation error: "2006: The WMAppManifest.xml file isn’t correct. Could not find schema information for the element ''."

    Currently, AppBuilder produces an invalid Windows Phone 8.1 package for publishing. We are working on providing a fix in the shortest term possible.

    Until the fix becomes available, you can manually modify your application package to workaround the issue.

    1. In AppBuilder, set the following Project Properties.
       1.1. In the General tab, for Display Name, set the App name for your app as listed in the Windows Phone Store.
       1.2. In the Windows Phone tab, for Publisher, set the Publisher name for your account as listed in the Windows Phone Store.
       1.3. In the Windows Phone tab, for Publisher ID, set the Publisher GUID for your account as listed in the Windows Phone Store.
       1.4. Save your changes.
    2. Open WMAppManifest.xml for editing, replace line 2 with the following: <Deployment AppPlatformVersion="$WPSdk$" xmlns=""> and save your changes.  
    3. Build your app for publishing and download the XAP file.
    4. Unzip the archive locally. XAP files are ZIP archives and can be extracted after changing the file type to .zip for example.
    5. In the unpacked archive, navigate to the Assets folder.
    6. Replace the default image assets with your customized images. Make sure that your tiles, logos and splash screen meet the sizing and transparency requirements of Microsoft. For more information, see this link.
    7. Return to the root of the unpacked archive and open AppxManifest.xml in a text or code editor.
    8. In the markup of AppxManifest.xml, on line 10, modify the values for the Identity element.
       8.1. Replace the value for Name with the Package identity name for your app from the Windows Phone Store.
       8.2. Replace the value for Publisher with the Windows publisher name for your app from the Windows Phone Store.
       8.3. Save your changes.
    9. ZIP the unpacked archive and change the file extension to XAP. Make sure to preserve the directory structure of the archive as created with AppBuilder.
    10. Run your modified XAP through the Windows App Certification Kit to verify that the package is valid and continue publishing the app.
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