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    I'm currently playing with aspnet webforms with jquery (via kendo mobile). I have the following setup below. In the aspx page,
    I need to call the 'Book' method in a 'controller' on a button click. I'm guessing I will need to use $.ajax? or is there another way via kendo dataSource? any sample code of the 'ajax' call would really help as i'm at the earliest stages of learning this stuff,

    Kind regards.

    function showShiftDetailView(e) {
            var view = e.view;

            sds.fetch(function () {
                item = sds.get(;
           $('<a data-role="button" id="bookbutton">Book</a>').insertBefore('#shiftdetaillistview');
           $('#bookbutton').click(function () {
                    // **** 1. call book function

    function BookShift(id) {
       *** 2. call 'Book' method with parameter here and get response**
      $.ajax ?

     public class ShiftController : ApiController
            private Data.Shift _context = new Data.Shift();
            HttpRequest _request = HttpContext.Current.Request;

            // WebAPI will respond to an HTTP GET with this method
            public Model.Response Get()
                // the the take and skip parameters off of the incoming request
                int take = _request["take"] == null ? 10 : int.Parse(_request["take"]);
                int skip = _request["skip"] == null ? 0 : int.Parse(_request["skip"]);

                var entries = (from System.Data.DataRow r in _context.GetData().Rows
                               select new Model.Shift(r)).Skip(skip).Take(take).ToArray();

                return new Model.Response(entries, _context.GetData().Rows.Count);

    // **** 3.  I want to call this from a button click *** //
            public Model.Response Book(string tempShiftPlanid)
                IPoint.Shifts.Shift shift = new IPoint.Shifts.Shift();
       =  id;
                return new Model.Response(shift.BookShift());

    // Response.cs
    public class Response
            public string DBData { get; set; }

            public Response(string dbdata)
                this.DBData =dbdata;
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    Your question is not directly related to Kendo UI Mobile. I would like to suggest that you check these stack overflow discussions:

    Or any of the google results of this search query.

    As a side note, I would like to direct you to this demo for the correct way to handle button widget click events

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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