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  1. Elias Sarband
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    i try load view in kendowindow and it works on development but when deploy project on the server and then open kendowindow with view in content in production on iis, first open empty kendowindow and then as soon as possible whole browser became white and empty, even view content is just a div with short text.


    this is my code


    var window = $("#" + dialogName).kendoWindow({
                    content: {
                        url: "Security/Users",
                        dataType: "html"
                    title: name,
                    position: {
                        top: topOffset,
                    //width: 700,
                    //height: 400,
                    size: dialogSize,
                    actions: ["Refresh", "Minimize", "Maximize", "Close"],
                    animation: {
                        open: {
                            effects: "fade:in"
                        close: {
                            effects: "fade:out"
                    modal: false,
                    close: function (e) {
                    open: function (e) {



    first and second images are from development environment and everything is ok, third image is from production environment and has bug.

  2. Aleksandar
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    Hello Elias,

    I would suggest verifying that the path to content is correct. "Security/Users" is a relative URL relative to the current path. If you change it to "/Security/Users" the URL is still relative, but it is relative based on the document root of your website. You can read more on this in this SO thread.

    I hope this helps.

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