Bug in Gantt with IE 11?

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    First off, this is the best place I found to post this in, it's not MVC specific, I know.


    There seems to be a slight bug in the Gantt chart when using Internet Explorer (I tried Firefox and Chrome, they didn't exhibit this behaviour). Atleast the MVC and jQuery UI versions seem to be affected. You can reproduce this by browsing to https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-mvc/gantt or https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/gantt/index with IE11 and then scrolling the Gantt chart to the bottom. If you click on any task in the right above "Integration testing", the left side of the Gantt (with ID, Title, Start Time, End Time) will properly scroll to the selected task. But if you click on "Integration testing" or a task below it, the left side will jump to the top, showing "ID 7 Software validation" and you have to nudge your scroll wheel for the left side to focus on the task you clicked on.


    This happens on fully updated Windows 7 and IE11 with the version info in the attached picture.

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    Hello Rami,

    I tested several versions of Internet Explorer and the Gantt works as expected on my end. Could you please check if there are any browser plug-ins that might interfere the behavior? You could also download the latest update of IE from the official page so that we could assure that the issue could be replicated with latest version and not certain update of IE.


    Note that there might be a particular issue with the Vertical Scroll in IE:


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    Hello Joana,


    If you couldn't replicate it, it must be on my end then. I think the IE version is up to date so I don't think that is it. But there are some browser extensions and this being a company computer I don't know if I have the rights to change those. And it was a small thing anyway. Thank you for your time.

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