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Beta of RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008 available for download

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Telerik Admin asked on 29 Feb 2008, 09:56 AM
It is our greatest pleasure to announce the first beta of RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008!
This early Q1 2008 preview includes an appetizer of the anticipated major overhaul of RadGridView for WinForms as well as a new major version of RadMaskedEditBox and extended RTL language support. Q1 2008, when officially released in April, will also introduce a couple of new controls and several new versions of the current WinForms controls, which are not part of the current beta. 
Our extensive research on the new RadGridView version started back in October 2007 and focused exclusively on the needs of our customers, namely better usability and top-notch performance, and revealed several areas that needed our attention:
  • UI and painting improvements, based on the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF)
  • Performance improvements in the data layer
  • Performance improvements in the data <-> UI communication
  • Stability and simpler API
The great news is that RadGridView’s performance has been optimized dramatically and the results are more than impressive*:
  • Based on the “high refresh” performance test with 13 rows x 13 columns, the new data layer offers outstanding refresh performance with flat data: 2-3 ms (vs. 460ms in Q3 2007!) 
  • Average time for loading 300,000 records of data: ~ 340 ms 
  • Average time for grouping 300,000 records: ~ 100 ms 

* Tested on a WinXP machine, 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 @ 2.13GHz (just one core utilized during the tests)

Usability has also been greatly improved, and the API simplified.

There are several features which we left for a subsequent beta. We will suggest reviewing the list of Known Issues and the Backwards Compatibility log before using the RadGridView beta in production. You can download the docs below.

The Q1 2008 beta also features a fully functional preview of the new major version of RadMaskedEditBox. It adds a new Numeric MaskType which allows the user to set culture-specific masks for inputting currency, decimal, and percent values.
RTL Language Support
We have added RTL Language support in RadDateTimePicker , RadPanelBar and RadScrollBar.
You can test the Q1 2008 beta first-hand by downloading the trial version from here (right-click and select Save As):

 Build: RadControls for WinForms Q1 2008 Beta (trial) installer
 Docs: Known Issues and Backwards Comapatibility
    (new versions of the help files will be posted as soon as they become available)

You can use the public WinForms Beta Forum to share your feedback and comments. Our developers will be addressing all questions posted.

The Telerik Team

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