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    Hi Everyone!

     I am looking for some advice on how to make managing the backlog as efficient as possible in TeamPulse. It might be that we don't know some shortcuts or are missing something as we are quite new to the tool.There are two hindrances we are finding at the moment, both around relationships between features and stories:

    1. Feature breakdown into stories. Related stories do not pick up any information from their parent feature. Currently we are using the "Relate a new item to this feature" button to create stories within the feature. However the new stories are not picking up the release, project or any other information from the feature. It is quite frustrating having to enter this information every time. Is there a quicker way to do this?
    2. Reprioritising features across releases. Inevitably the features in a release might need reprioritising. Moving a feature into another release does not do the same for it's children. This leaves a feature in one release and it's stories in another. Is this possible to do automatically? And is there a view that would show me stories without a parent in a release?

    Thank you

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    Hello Ben,

    Currently, when adding a new related item to a feature, there is no option for the new item to inherit automatically the release or other properties of the original item. It is just the project property that is set by default to the same as the one of the original item (unless you explicitly change it from the "Relate a new item to this {{item}}" dialog). 

    We could consider adding such functionality in our future plans, but we need more user feedback in order to raise its priority. We would really appreciate if you give us your feature request along with any other feedback you have on our feedback portal. This way other users can also provide their point of view and help us clarify and prioritize the feature

    For now, I could suggest a workaround. It is not as straightforward and convenient as your suggestion for inheritance, but it is still better than manually changing each child story one at a time. You can use our bulk edit functionality to change some of the properties of all the child items at once, as soon as you have created them or when you make a change to their parent. In order to use the bulk edit you need to select the child items in the main board (selecting them inside the details view of the feature will not give you bulk edit as an option).

    What you mentioned for a view where you can see all stories in the release that have no parent is possible and is an easy way to edit all of those items: see here for an example. You can use the same approach to filter-out and bulk-edit all children of a particular feature - just set the desired ID in the "Parents" filter (see here for an example).

    Also, you can create a board view where you can see the children of one or more features if you use our rows by relationship feature (see this screenshot for an example) (works with any relation types, not just parent-child).

    I hope these suggestions would be useful for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.

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