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    Posted 01 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hi, I identified that when using a data source with serverFiltering enabled, while the user is typing something in the input the list of items are being filtered as well, when for example just 2 items remains in the list and the user press the tab button or just click outside making the component loses its focus nothing is selected in the combo. I would like that when the list of items still is open and I loses its focus the first item is auto selected.

    I ended up doing something like this:

    widget._events.change.push(function (event) {
                   var minLength = $(element).attr("data-odata-minlength") || 2;
                   var value = widget.value().trim();
                   if (value != '' && value.length >= Number(minLength) && widget.dataItem() == undefined && widget._data().length > 0) {
                       var firstItem = widget._data()[0];
                       setTimeout(function () {
                           $.each(widget._data(), function (index, item) {
                               if (item.Id == firstItem.Id) {
                                   return false;
                       }, 100);
    I don't like the idead of having a setTimeout function to set the select item but when I simply set the select without using the setTimeout function it works but something triggered after the change/close events resets my alteration and the selectIndex becomes -1.

    Any tips?

  2. Georgi Krustev
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    Posted 02 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Romeu,

    I answered to the support thread opened on the same subject. Here is a quote of the answer:

    I would strongly suggest you use the widget's bind method to attache events. Using a private fields is not safe as they can be renamed in future releases of Kendo UI. I prepared a simple Kendo Dojo demo to show how to select first item if a custom value or an incomplete one has been entered.

    I will ask you to continue our conversation in only one thread to avoid any duplication. Thank you for the understanding.

    Georgi Krustev
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