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Salma asked on 24 Nov 2021, 06:03 PM

Hi I am using the Autocomplete textbox.  It finding to the datasource fine.  Just like Product is being used in the demo. 

1. My question is if I have a product list. And it has the column product type , and I want to captrue the value of prodcut type then how I can do that. Product is binds with the userId. 


2.  I have a model class as 

ModelViewMY {

date TodaysDate {get;set} // date is not part of the list. 

List<Users> Users {get;set}


Question now: if I am using the AutoComplete in my mvc project then how I can set the DataTextFiled(Useres.UserId). I tried but I am getting errors. 


                        .DataTextField("Id") //DataTextField("dataField")
Anton Mironov
Telerik team
commented on 29 Nov 2021, 02:39 PM

Hi Salma,

Thank you for the code snippets and details provided.

Feel free to correct me if I misunderstand the task completely.

If you are trying to get a foreign key column, I would recommend trying one of the following:

I hope this information helps. If further assistance is needed - send me a runnable sample of your application and I will try my best to achieve the desired behavior locally.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,
Anton Mironov 

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