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    Posted 18 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    In regular winforms controls, where there's a touch screen, if a textbox gains focus then the touch keyboard doesn't automatically popup. However automatic popup works correctly on winforms VS RichTextbox control.

    see the following stackoverflow forum thread

    I only discovered the problem a couple of days ago as I usually use keyboards I've developed myself which are embedded in my windows. We've moved into the Chinese market with our product and because the Pinyin keyboard is so horribly complex we thought we'd opt to use Windows own touch keyboard despite not being able to host it nicely in the windows. Whilst researching and testing we discovered in horror that textboxes wouldn't support it.

    My only option is switching out all textboxes and there's 100s of forms :( .

    I've a 2nd problem in that I can't test on my development pc as it doesn't have a touch screen, the touch screen emulator came after vs2010. So I can't just throw one of your radtextboxes on  a form and try it out.

    So my question is, if I globally switched out all the textboxes with RadTextBox or radtextboxcontrol, will they automatically pop up the touch keyboard? (We're updating our old app a form at a time with telerik controls)

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    Posted 21 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Caire,

    I have tested this on a touch device (Windows 10 in tablet mode) and I can confirm the behavior that you are describing. In this case, none of the simple text boxes will show the keyboard automatically. I have tested the solution provided in the thread as well and I can confirm that it is working as expected. I would suggest you use it in order to display the keyboard. 

    I hope this will be useful. 

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