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  1. Emin Inam
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    I need ASP.NET MVC confirmation dialog with dialog result.

    I have a command button. When the user click button, i want to show confirmation dialog and if user click YES, set function will be call.

    I took a look at the examples. "Create Confirmation Dialog via Promises" is seems to fine. but it doesn't work at my IDE.

    I also tried to kendo.confirm. it works but The result is empty when I click on the button for the second time

    <div id="confirm"></div><script> $("#confirm").kendoConfirm({ content: "Do you accept?", messages:{ okText: "OK"}}).data("kendoConfirm").result.done(function(){console.log("User accepted"); }).fail(function(){console.log("User rejected");});</script>


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    Hello Emin,

    The Create Confirmation Dialog via Promises example ( is indeed one way to achieve the described functionality. Could you please provide more information about the error preventing you from using it as the previous post does not clarify that? Is it possible to send a fully runnable sample that shows the issue, or modify the following example in Dojo for the same purpose:

    As for the confirm dialog, it does not show up, because it is disposed when closed. One option is to use the confirm method (, which handles this automatically:

    The other possible approach is to keep using kendoConfirm and move the initialization in a method that will be called each time the button is pressed. This way the confirm dialog will be initialized each time you want to display it.

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  3. Emin Inam
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    Posted 23 Jan 2017 in reply to Slav Link to this post

    Thnak you. I fixed the problem according to your suggestion
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