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    Hello everyone,

    right now the Angular2 AutoComplete compontent only supports string values, which is not sufficent in a scenario, where you want to find for example a customer based on his name. There could be multiple entities with the same name, but I also do not want to display the database id to the user. So what to do?

    I hope, that this will get implemented in the AutoComplete Component soon, but for now this is my workaround I would like to share:

    1. You have to modify the autocomplete.component.js so it will accept complex objects without throwing an exception. 
    Remove the if statement from lines 315-317: 

    if (util_1.isPresent(newValue) && typeof newValue !== "string") {
                throw new Error("Expected value of type string. See ;           ui/components/dropdowns/autocomplete/#toc-value");


    Remove the first "toLowerCase()" call from line 426, so it should look like this:

    else if (text && text === this.searchbar.value.toLowerCase()) {


    And that is it. You can now pass an Array of customers to as [data]

    <kendo-autocomplete #customersAutocomplete
        <template kendoAutoCompleteItemTemplate let-dataItem>        
                <span>{{dataItem.firstName}} {{ dataItem.lastName}}</span><br />
                <span>{{dataItem.birthDateLocal}}</span><br />
                <span>{{dataItem.customerNumber}}</span><br />
    <button *ngIf="customersAutocomplete.value"
            (click)="selectedCustomer=null; customersAutocomplete.value=null;">x


    However there are some things you have to be aware of:

    When you select a value from the AutoComplete there will be two consecutive value changes. First will be your complex object, the second will be the string representation (customer.toString()). So I recommend, that you use a setter on your ngModel:

    public set selectedCustomer(value: Customer) {
            if (!value || value instanceof Customer) {
                this._selectedCustomer= value;


    You also should write a toString() on your model, that you can display to the user.

    I hope this helps some people and maybe serves as a suggestion for the Telerik guys.


  2. Alexander Valchev
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    Hello Jan,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    The AutoComplete component is designed to behave like a text input with auto-completion.

    In case your business logic requires information from the selected dataItem, such as the ID of the customer, you should use a ComboBox (with enabled suggest feature) instead of AutoComplete.

    Do you think that this will be a suitable solution for you? If not, could you please give us more details about the key features that the ComboBox does not provide in your scenario?

    Alexander Valchev
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    Posted 01 Feb in reply to Alexander Valchev Link to this post

    Hi Alexander, 

    thank you for your reply. Seems like I missed the suggest feature of the ComboBox, so I will give this a try and report back if something is missing.

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