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    I need some help with the aggregate feature please. The sum aggregates are not displayed at the footer of the grid. The correct data is received however.

    I Have an MVC backend and use the DatasourceRequest object, but because of the fact I am using angular, I cannot work with the MVC wrappers. Therefore I use the following JS for the grid options:

    $scope.gridOptions = {
                    // 1. DATASOURCE
                    "dataSource": {
                        "type": 'aspnetmvc-ajax',
                        "transport": {
                            "read": { "url": myReadUrl() },
                            "update": { "url": myUpdateUrl() },
                            "create": { "url": myCreateUrl() },
                        "serverPaging": true,
                        "pageSize": 20,
                        "serverSorting": true,
                        "serverFiltering": true,
                        "sort": { "field": "Datum", "dir": "desc" },
                        "schema": {
                            model: {
                                "id": "Id",
                                "fields": {
                                    "Id": { "type": "number" },
                                    "Datum": { "type": "date", validation: { required: true } },
                                    "​CountOk": { "type": "number", "validation": { required: true, min: 0 } },
                            "data": "Data",
                            "total": "Total",
                            "errors": "Errors",
                            "aggregates": "AggregateResults"
                        "serverAggregates": true,
                        "aggregate": [field: "​CountOk", aggregate: "sum" },  ]
                    // 2. COLUMNS
                    "columns": [
                            "title": "Date",
                            "field": "Datum",
                            "format": "{0:d}",
                        }, {
                                    "title": "OK",
                                    "field": "CountOk",
                                    "width": 100,
                                    "format": "{0:0}",
                                    "aggregates": ["sum"],
                         }, {
                            "command": [
                                { "name": "edit", "buttonType": "ImageAndText" },
                    // 3. GRID FEATURES
                    "editable": {
                        "mode": "inline",
                        "create": true,
                        "update": true,
                        "destroy": false
                    "toolbar": [
                        { "name": 'create', "buttonType": "ImageAndText", "text": "​New" },
                    "pageable": true,
                    "sortable": true,
                    "scrollable": true,


     The received data contains the values, but it seems MVC datasource added some things here:



    Thank you so much for helping me out here!


  2. Answer
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    Posted 12 Nov 2015 Link to this post


    You should add a footerTemplate to the column in order to display the sum:
        "title": "OK",
        "field": "CountOk",
        "width": 100,
        "format": "{0:0}",
        "aggregates": ["sum"],
        footerTemplate: "#:sum#"
    Also, note that the schema.aggregates option should not be set. The 'aspnetmvc-ajax' dataSource uses its own predefined function that converts the aggregates result in the expected format.

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