Additional Data callback not sending combobox reference parameter to function

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    According to your docs:

    There is a default event handler for the Data callback of the datasource. This event handler passes a reference to the combobox firing the event that can be resolved by running ".data("kendoComboBox")" against it.

    However if I manually hookup the same function, I get an error when typing something into the combox, because the "selector" parameter isn't actually a combobox.

    It appears to be a bug?

    I am trying to create a Data function that sends a reference to the combobox calling it as a parameter. And I cannot use strict ID selectors, because all my comboboxes have ID's that are generated dynamically at runtime.

  2. Veselin Tsvetanov
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    Hi Peter,

    I am afraid, that you won't be able to retrieve the reference to the ComboBox with DataSource fires the Read action within the Data function. The reason for that is the fact that the DataSource is actually independent from the CombBox and does not know which ComboBox uses it. 

    As far as I can see from the ticket description, you are using the Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC ComboBox helper. IF this is the case, you could workaround this limitation by passing a parameter (with the combo ID) to the Read action of the DataSource:
    source.Read(read =>
        read.Action("ReadProducts", "Home", new { testParam = [your combo id] } ).Data("additionalData");

    Then in the additionalData() function, the parameter could be retrieved from the request URL:
    function additionalData() {
        var comboId = this.url.split("?testParam=")[1];
        var combo = $('#' + comboId).data('kendoComboBox');

    You could find further information on this topic in the following forum thread.

    Veselin Tsvetanov
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