Adding a % sign to a percentage in a NumericTextBox

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    Trying to add a % sign to a number in a Kendo NumericTextBox. You suggest escaping the % sign as such:

        format: "# \%"

    but when I give it a value of 3, it still gives me 300%!

    From your documentation:

    "%" - percentage placeholder Multiplies a number by 100 and inserts a localized percentage symbol in the result string. Note: '%' symbol is interpreted as a format specifier in the format string. If you need to prevent this, you will need to precede the '%' symbol with a backslash -'kendo.toString(12, "# \%")' -> 12 % (en-us).

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    There is a mistake in the documentation. To escape the % symbol you should use double back slash (\\).
        format: "# \\%"
    kendo.format("{0:# \\%}", 12); //12 %
    kendo.toString(12, "# \\%"); //12 %

    Here is a runnable example:

    The help article will be updated soon. As a small sign of our appreciation for bringing this to our attention I updated your Telerik points.

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    Alexander Valchev
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