Accessing child data in hierarchy grid using server binding

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Juan Alberto
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Juan Alberto asked on 21 Jun 2023, 10:57 AM

Hello, I am dealing with an issue while implementing a hierarchy grid using server binding. I need to access data child in server so I can modify this data as I need. 


columns.Bound(pet => pet.Origen).Width(100).HtmlAttributes( new {@title = item.title});

I would need to display the tooltip I have in my model, but the problem is that "item" reffers to the father row, not the child. How can I get this done?


I don't know if I am using the correct approach here, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.

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Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
Telerik team
answered on 26 Jun 2023, 07:01 PM

Hello Juan Alberto,

In this particular use-case, I would recommend utilizing Ajax databinding similar to the example shown in this Kendo UI Grid live demo. Then, setting the title can be configured with a ClientTemplate:


            .Name("grid_#=EmployeeID#") // template expression, to be evaluated in the master context
            .Columns(columns =>
                columns.Bound(o => o.OrderID).Width(110).ClientTemplate("<div title='\\#=OrderID\\#'>\\#= OrderID \\#</div>");
                columns.Bound(o => o.ShipCountry).Width(150).ClientTemplate("<div title='\\#=ShipCountry\\#'>\\#= ShipCountry \\#</div>");
                columns.Bound(o => o.ShipAddress).ClientTemplate("<div title='\\#=ShipAddress\\#'>\\#= ShipAddress \\#</div>"); 
                columns.Bound(o => o.ShipName).Width(300).ClientTemplate("<div title='\\#=ShipName\\#'>\\#= ShipName \\#</div>");
            .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
                .Read(read => read.Action("HierarchyBinding_Orders", "Grid", new { employeeID = "#=EmployeeID#" }))

Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
Progress Telerik

As of R2 2023, the default icon type will be SVG instead of Font. See this blogpost for more information.

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Juan Alberto
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Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
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