2 way binding with "html" property?

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    I am binding a div with the property "contentEditable"=true that is bound with data-bind="html: Message".  However, it appears to be a read only property since when I make changes to the div and then move off the div triggering the blur event, the Message property contains the original value.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it is designed?

    Thank you,
    David A.
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    Atanas Korchev
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    Hi David,

     Currently the html binding is one-way only. Fortunately it is easy to implement a custom binding which performs two-way binding.


    kendo.data.binders.contentEditable = kendo.data.Binder.extend({
      init: function(element, bindings, options) {
        kendo.data.Binder.fn.init.call(this, element, bindings, options);
        var that = this;
        var value = this.bindings.contentEditable.get();
        $(that.element).on("focusin", function() {
          value = that.bindings.contentEditable.get();
        }).on("focusout", function() {
            if (that.element.innerHTML != value) {
      refresh: function() {
        this.element.innerHTML = this.bindings.contentEditable.get();

    Here is a runnable demo: http://jsbin.com/amigot/1/edit

    Atanas Korchev
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