Fiddler offers numerous ways to tag Web Sessions so you can easily identify them later. For instance, you can use the imageComment button on the toolbar (or hit the M key) after selecting items in Web Sessions list to add notes about the traffic:


However, often you may find that you simply want to quickly mark some Sessions for later evaluation. To do so, you can use the context menu’s Mark submenu to choose a color:


The text of the selected entries will be bolded and colored as selected.


You may also press the CTRL+1 through CTRL+6 key-combinations to quickly mark the selected items.

Both comments and markings are stored in SAZ Capture files, which means they are great for bringing attention to specific Sessions when sharing a capture with others.

New to Fiddler is the ability to quickly select all of the Sessions marked with a given color. Simply use the ALT+1 to ALT+6 combos to quickly select each group of color-marked Sessions.

I hope you find this new capability useful!


About the Author

Eric Lawrence

(@ericlaw) has built websites and web client software since the mid-1990s. After over a decade of working on the web for Microsoft, Eric joined Telerik in October 2012 to enhance the Fiddler Web Debugger on a full-time basis. With his recent move to Austin, Texas, Eric has now lived in the American South, North, West, and East.

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