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Fiddler is the world's most popular web debugging tool, used by developers, testers and other web technologists worldwide. At this year's TelerikNEXT conference, Eric Lawrence showed off the newest improvements in Fiddler, including features that help optimize your sites and services for both performance and security.

In the session recording below, Eric explores the very latest features of Fiddler, including WebSockets inspection, image optimization, compression analysis, extensibility and interoperability with other tools. He also discusses Fiddler on Linux and how you can bring the power of Fiddler to your own .NET applications with the FiddlerCore class library.

Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik
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Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Advocate at Progress focused on the Kinvey mobile backend as a service. You can follow Brian via @remotesynth on Twitter.


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