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v0.7.0 (12/05/16)


  • add ES module bundle

v0.6.1 (11/29/16)

Bug Fixes

  • itemChanged event’s item argument is not populated

v0.6.0 (11/25/16)


  • define exportAs for component

v0.5.2 (11/18/16)

Bug Fixes

  • build docs bundle

v0.5.1 (11/11/16)

Bug Fixes

  • pin typescript to 2.0.x

v0.5.0 (10/27/16)


  • Angular Universal support

v0.4.2 (10/24/16)

Bug Fixes

  • scrollview aot support

v0.4.1 (10/19/16)

Bug Fixes

  • Drag items functionality hangs in Chrome #19

v0.4.0 (10/19/16)


  • AoT support

v0.3.1 (09/28/16)

Bug Fixes

  • Update package dependencies

v0.3.0 (09/15/16)

Bug Fixes

  • add missing reference


  • upgrade to Angular 2.0 final

v0.2.1 (09/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • downgrade TypeScript to 1.8

v0.2.0 (09/13/16)

Initial version of Angular ScrollView component.

Supported features:

  • Touch friendly, should respond to drag and swipe with mouse and fingers
  • Should display pager (dots), that respond to clicks
  • Pager display should be optional for larger sets
  • “Infinite” mode. Scrolling to the last image should move back to the first
  • Should support binding to Angular RxJS observables
  • Support for arbitrary content through Angular template
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