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Represents the Kendo UI PanelBar items.



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoPanelBarItemInstance="kendoPanelbarItem"


content any

Sets the content of the PanelBar item.
By design, this option is used when the
property of the PanelBar is set.

disabled boolean

Disables a PanelBar item when set to true.

icon string

Defines an icon to be rendered next to the title.

iconClass string

Defines an icon with a custom CSS class to be rendered next to the title.

id string

Allows the component to set the "id" property to each item.
This property is used to set id attributes of the nested elements and enable ARIA support.

imageUrl string

Defines the location of an image to be displayed next to the title.

selected boolean

Sets the selected state of a PanelBar item.

title string

Sets the title of the PanelBar item.

expanded boolean

Expands the PanelBar item when set to true.

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