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v0.6.3 (11/24/16)

Bug Fixes

  • pager: take event arguments should always be a number. Fixes telerik/kendo-angular2#99

v0.6.2 (11/18/16)

Bug Fixes

  • build docs bundle

v0.6.1 (11/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • make FieldAccessorPipe impure

v0.6.0 (11/07/16)


  • integrate data query package

v0.5.0 (10/24/16)


  • add NG universal support

v0.4.1 (10/24/16)

Bug Fixes

  • update directives for latest aot compilation

v0.4.0 (10/24/16)


  • add support for AoT

v0.3.3 (09/28/16)

Bug Fixes

  • moved @angular packages as peerDependencies

v0.3.2 (09/21/16)

Bug Fixes

  • update kendo-angular-intl dep

v0.3.1 (09/15/16)

Bug Fixes

  • bump kendo-angular-intl version

v0.3.0 (09/15/16)


  • upgrade to Angular 2.0 final

v0.2.2 (09/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • pager classes to match classic rendering
  • downgrade TypeScript to 1.8
  • pass current skip value to non-scrollable table-body component.

v0.2.1 (09/12/16)

Initial version of Angular Grid component.

Supported features:

  • Three scrolling modes: Virtual, scrollable + pager and non-scrollable + pager
  • Databound columns as well as ability to customize the cell’s appearance/show arbitrary content via templates (header, footer, data-cell) and support for value formatting.
  • Auto-generate columns definition based on the provided data
  • Detail Template
  • Toolbar template
  • Provide built-in UI for ordering (on single/multiple fields) the data by clicking on the column header
  • Provide built-in UI for navigating to a specific page of data and/or change the number of displayed records
  • Ability to lock/freeze columns - locked columns will be grouped at the most left side
  • Simple single row selection - user should be able to select/deselect row by clicking on it
  • Support for binding to RxJS Observables (via async pipe) and Arrays
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