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v0.11.0 (10/05/16)


  • add public ‘open’ property replacing the toggle method and the internal show pro (f00c4d17)

v0.10.5 (10/04/16)

Bug Fixes

  • combobox: show Popup prior filterChange (#11) (dd7ed882)

v0.10.4 (10/03/16)

Bug Fixes

  • fix scrolling with keyboard navigation (0a01d804)

v0.10.3 (09/30/16)

Bug Fixes

  • combobox: define popup width only in toggle method (24500957)
  • dropdownlist: define popup width only in toggle method (597edf1b)

v0.10.2 (09/28/16)

Bug Fixes

  • make required @angular packages peer dependencies (#7) (d9726ef3)

v0.10.1 (09/22/16)

Bug Fixes

  • import common package using its npm package name (#4) (a9c3c271)

v0.10.0 (09/15/16)


  • upgrade to Angular 2.0 final (d1d713ad)

v0.9.2 (09/14/16)

  • downgrade TypeScript to 1.8.x

v0.9.1 (09/10/16)

Initial release

It includes the following components:

  • ComboBox
  • DropDownList
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