Getting Started with Integrating Testing into CI/CD

Learn how to set up Azure DevOps Pipelines and use Test Studio to run tests on your local machine before changes are deployed to production. Integrating your automated UI tests to run as part of your CI/CD pipeline is a concept known as Continuous Testing.

In this Getting Started with Integrating Testing into CI/CD Fahad Mullaji a.k.a. @Curious Drive  will:

  • Set up Azure DevOps Pipelines to run tests with Test Studio;  
  • Push a sample change to production to see how the Azure Pipeline kicks off and goes through all tests in a test list;
  • Simulate a test failure to show how the Azure Pipeline prevents your changes to be deployed to production.
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The application that is used as part of the video series is developed with the Telerik UI for Blazor components. Getting started with adding wait steps and calibrating your browser is part of a Getting Started Video Series, which was created to guide you through your UI automation onboarding and help you get along with Test Studio’s fundamental testing productivity features.