Intro to KendoReact UI Component Library (with Data Grid & DatePicker Examples)

Learn how with 30 lines of code you can grab and display data from a backend API into a powerful React grid. Find out more about the KendoReact UI library and the capabilities of its 100+ customizable UI components: everything from a feature-rich and snappy Data Grid, to Charts and Graphs for data visualization, to form controls, such as a robust DatePicker, MaskedTextBox, Inputs, DropDowns and more.

KendoReact is a commercial, native (built for React from the ground up) UI library that integrates with any design language and UI stack. Modular by design, you can use only the components you need in any of the three themes it comes with, or easily apply your own styles using the KendoReact Theme Builder (more on this in a future video). All licenses come with legendary technical support provided by the KendoReact team themselves. 

In the video, TJ VanToll demonstrates how to implement KendoReact components using npm install, using the React Data Grid (table) and DatePicker as an example.

Check out the full library of KendoReact components.

Links in the video:
KendoReact Grid demos
KendoReact demos (all components)

TJ VanToll, KendoReact Developer Advocate