How to Build a React Form without the Hassle – KendoReact Library Demo

Building React forms can be messy if you do it from scratch. How can you avoid writing repetitive code such as defining a state variable for each individual form field and manually bind onChange handlers? And how to deal with the trickier aspects such as form validation or styling?

An efficient and easier way to build forms with React is to use the React form library available in KendoReact, a professionally built UI component library. The KendoReact form library includes many useful Form components such as dropdown lists, date pickers, editors, and more, backed by a robust list of Form APIs to help you build consistent forms throughout your apps – or even throughout your organization.

Watch the video to see this form library in action, learn how it handles form validation and accessibility and learn how it can help you in your project.

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TJ VanToll, KendoReact Developer Advocate