How Can You Customize Your React Rich Text Editor?

How Can You Customize Your React Rich Text Editor?

If you’re looking for a great React Rich Text Editor component, you’ve found one that should definitely be on your shortlist: the KendoReact Editor. In this video, we focus on answering another important question you’re probably asking: How customizable and extendable is this React Editor?

Play this video to see a demo of two powerful customization features of the KendoReact Editor:

  • Defining input rules – this allows you to modify the user's input as they're creating it by matching their input with a set of rules you've created using regex.
  • Customizing Editor tools & creating new ones - with this React WYSIWYG Editor, you can decide which tools appear in the toolbar above the panel, as well as make changes to our suite of pre-made tools. You can even create your own.

Presented by KendoReact Developer Advocate Kathryn Grayson Nanz.

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