Headless Browser Testing with Test Studio

Headless Browser Testing with Test Studio

With most activities now online, businesses are forced to pay more attention to user experience and make sure that users with different levels of tech-savviness can comprehend their products.

That is why QAs and software testing take central stage in product development. Successfully balancing quality and efficiency is becoming an increasingly relevant challenge for delivery teams and stakeholders to address in 2021.

Your automated testing journey now takes you to exciting destinations with Test Studio’s further product enhancements, enabling faster feedback, increasing development speed, and ensuring the levels of quality and stability your entire team has long looked for.

In the webinar, we're covering a number of awesome highlights:

▶️  Headless browser testing—The traditionally scripting-heavy headless testing is now easily accessible and more convenient than ever, even for less experienced QA engineers.
▶️  New Storyboard—The levels of abstraction QA teams can now achieve with the fully redesigned Test Studio Storyboard enable effortless onboarding of new users and improved understanding of recorded tests’ logic in shared automation projects.
▶️  PDF content validation—Automated visual testing of web applications is extended with built-in PDF content validation features to support all types of PDF-dependent internal systems or RPA processes.