Does UI Testing Really Fit into CI/CD?

Does UI Testing Really Fit into CI/CD?

Testing has a vital role in the software delivery cycle, suggesting that introducing testing in your continuous integration and the continuous delivery pipeline is a must for every team. But does UI testing really fit into CI/CD at all and what types of tests should you have in place without allowing testing to slow down your pipelines?

In this webinar session, Telerik Test Studio automation gurus, Andy Wieland and Petar Grigorov tackled these and other challenges that Test Studio users face and solve together with our automation team.

They discussed how to design and build automation test suits that not only fit into your CI/CD but help you balance delivery speed and test coverage, be more efficient in your testing efforts and scale your testing operations without compromising the quality of your project.

Highlights covered during the webinar:

➡️How to make UI testing efficient enough to fit into CI/CD
➡️What testing practices to choose (e.g. smoke testing) and how to scale them
➡️How to design robust, non-brittle automated tests and speed up test execution
➡️When and how to perform visual full-feature and regression testing