.NET Dev Show: Moving Apps to .NET MAUI RC1

.NET Dev Show: Moving Apps to .NET MAUI RC1

Catch Sam Basu as he migrates more apps to .NET MAUI Release Candidate 1 - he demos all the important bits you'll need, but just in case & before you start upgrading to RC1 manually, here are a few tips & tricks by Sam:

➡️Grab .NET SDK 6.0.300.

➡️Rollbacks don't work across SDK Bands.

➡️dotnet workload install maui may need --ignore-failed-sources, if using other feeds.

Or force use NuGet Sources.

Also, don't be like Sam & always read the docs:


➡️Check out more from Telerik UI for MAUI here: https://www.telerik.com/maui-ui

➡️Why Evolve to .NET MAUI? https://prgress.co/3CQEzIT