Modernization Through Migration: A .NET MAUI Workshop

Modernization Through Migration: A .NET MAUI Workshop

.NET MAUI is the modern, front-end application framework for building engaging mobile and desktop projects. While being great for building new, modern-looking applications, is it also suitable for migrating legacy mobile and desktop apps to it? Let's find out!

What You’ll Do During the Workshop:

  • Understand the promise of .NET MAUI
  • Migrate an app from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI
  • Considerations from WPF to .NET MAUI journey
  • See where .NET Upgrade Assistant can help • Explore opportunities with Blazor Hybrid
  • Modernization of WPF / WinForms apps with Blazor
  • Sharing code between web and native mobile / desktop apps • Explore how Telerik UI can light up your modern .NET apps


  • Modern installed runtime of .NET 7 or 8
  • Visual Studio Community edition onwards for Windows/macOS with Web/Mobile/Desktop workflows
  • Or Visual Studio Code with C# Dev Kit and corresponding workflows

Check out the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Documentation.