UI for WinUI

Release History

UI for WinUI 1.0.0

January 19, 2022

What's New

  • Introduced RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton in the suite of UI button components. The RadDropDownButton provides a menu-like interface model within a button. The RadSplitButton extends the dropdownbutton's functionality with an action area like in a standard button. It also implements an IsChecked state.
  • SpreadProcessing library now supports Conditional Formatting enabling users to add visual formatting to cells, based on data-driven rules.
  • Implemented Nested Mail Merge functionality in WordsProcessing library.
  • Provided API for Insert / Delete Comments (Notes) in SpreadProcessing library.


  • Introduced OverlayBackground property to easily change the background of the overlay when it is busy.


  • DataGrid can now be bound to a DataTable/DataSet.
  • Provided an option to move the grouping UI on the top by setting the GroupPanelPosition to TopInline.
  • Changing the ItemsSource leaves all descriptors from the previous ItemsSource.


  • ZoomLevel property is renamed to Zoom and is now of type double. Users can set precise zoom levels like 1.5, 12.2, 15.67, etc. Also, the new property ZoomStep controls how smooth is the zoom when using the mouse wheel, touch pinch gesture, and zoom slider control.


  • RadMaskedInput control is removed and users can now work with dedicated RadMaskedTextInput, RadMaskedNumericInput, RadMaskedDateTimeInput, RadMaskedTimeSpanInput, RadMaskedRegexInput, RadMaskedEmailInput and RadMaskedIPInput, each one serving for different input scenario as their names suggest. These new controls are easier for setup - no need to set any MaskType property or any extension properties.


  • Exposed a way to get the font name as it is in the document.
  • The Image`s StencilColor property value is missed when merging documents.
  • OpenTypeFontSource`s Bold and Italic are not correct when they are set in the TrueType font file`s OS/2 table.
  • Font name is wrong when creating a TrueType font with FontsRepository.TryCreateFont() when the font is installed.


  • Introduced Conditional Formatting enabling users to add visual formatting to cells, based on data-driven rules.
  • Provided API for Insert / Delete Comments (Notes).
  • Net Standard: Exception when rounding a decimal value in a formula with a lot of precision numbers.
  • An Exception is thrown when importing documents containing custom number formats with date or time part and with empty sections.


  • The library allows up to 30 (instead of 31) characters of the sheet name.


  • Introduced support for Table.Alignment when exporting to PDF
  • Introduced support for table row height when exporting to PDF.
  • Implemented Nested Mail Merge functionality.
  • Export VerticalAlignment property of the table cells to PDF.
  • Exposed a method deleting the content between two inlines.
  • KeyNotFoundException is thrown when a document with invalid bookmarks is imported.
  • A floating image is not exported to PDF when it is at the end of the document and does not fit on the same page.
  • DocxFormatProvider: Table default cell left and right margin values are changed during import when they are not specified in the document.
  • UriImageSource and StyleSheetData do not support newer TLS versions.

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