UI for WinUI

Release History

UI for WinUI 0.4.0

July 29, 2021

What's New

  • A new RadDataForm component that presents the data in a form layout and provides an out-of-the-box UI for navigating, adding, deleting and editing items in the data collection.
  • The new RadGridSplitter control allows you to resize the columns or rows of a Grid control by simply dragging the splitter.
  • Introduced the RadUniformGrid control - a responsive layout control that arranges items in an evenly-spaced set of rows or columns to fill the total available display space.
  • Introduced Windows App SDK (Project Reunion) 0.8.1 support for WinUI in Desktop version.
  • Upgraded WinUI in UWP version to ProjectReunion 0.8.0 (preview).


  • Setting the Template of a ChartAnnotationLabelDefinition in xaml does not work. The Template property is renamed to LabelTemplate.
  • Setting the Template of a ChartSeriesLabelDefinition in xaml does not work. The Template and TemplateSelector properties of ChartSeriesLabelDefinition are renamed to LabelTemplate and LabelTemplateSelector.


  • The ribbon does not show when set as direct content of Window in WinUI Desktop App.


  • Creating a new appointment through the UI is not visible until changing the view. ScheduleView should be used only with BindableCollection - which is very similar to ObservableCollection but uses proper INotifyCollectionChanged interfaces in UWP and Desktop versions.

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