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Expand/Collapse Groups in ListView

With the latest release of Telerik UI for UWP, we've extended the ListView feature-set with collapsible groups functionality - now you could display even more items in the ListView in a convenient manner by distributing them in collapsible groups. The groups could be expanded/collapsed programmatically or through a user interaction.

Telerik UI for UWP - ListView - ExpAndCollapse Gif

DayView Support to the Calendar Control

The new DayView feature in the Telerik UI for UWP Calendar control enables the end-user to have a detailed view of the schedule for a specific day. The new mode consists of multiple time-slots, where items are placed on a vertical timeline (similar to the experience of the Outlook calendar). DayView comes particularly handy when the end-user schedule is more granular and events’ length is less than a full day.

Telerik UI for UWP - Calendar - DayView Image

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