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Support for Component Variants

The ThemeBuilder includes many variants for each component to help developers and designers build the best reusable libraries they can. In many cases, the need is there for additional style variants. The ThemeBuilder enables you to create new variants from scratch or based-on those that exist.

Read the Component Variant ThemeBuilder documentation

7 New Component integrations

With every release, we strive to keep pace with the evolution of our component libraries and support new and popular components. With this release, we have added support for TileLayout, Popover, Filter, Conversational UI, ScrollView, Skeleton, and Form.

See the Newly Supported Components in the ThemeBuilder

SVG Icon Support

You can now choose between font and SVG icons when styling the Telerik and Kendo UI components. Settings are conveniently presented at project creation and in project settings. Make the change any time you like.

Read the Assets Type ThemeBuilder documentation

New Sass-based Classic Theme

The Kendo Less Classic theme has been deprecated, but rest assured that your UI can still look the same. This new Sass-based theme provides swatches to match the  Less-based theme. You can still keep your same look and feel while using the updated Sass syntax.


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