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ThemeBuilder Support for UI for jQuery, ASP.NET Core/MVC

ThemeBuilder now supports Kendo UI for jQuery, Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core and MVC applications. ThemeBuilder is a web application that enables you to create your custom styles and to apply them to the UI components in your apps. With ThemeBuilder, you can create new themes, customize existing ones, and organize them in projects. You are in full control of the appearance of every component while at the same time you can apply large-scale updates in seconds. To speed up the customization of your web app, the ThemeBuilder preview visualizes every style change almost instantly.

ThemeBuilder for UI for jQuery, ASP.NET Core & MVC

Figma Import

Boost productivity and teamwork by incorporating SASS/CSS variables from Figma into ThemeBuilder, utilizing design tokens like colors, typography, and effects. This feature is tailored to provide a seamless variable integration experience, keeping your focus on the design and development process.

Figma Import

Automatic Theme Updates

Stay up to date with ThemeBuilder's Automatic Updates feature. As Telerik and Kendo UI components evolve with new features and improved accessibility, we'll seamlessly adjust your styles to match the updated HTML, ensuring a consistent experience.

Automatic theme update

Enhanced Variable Pane

The left pane of the app now supports grouping of the variables. We have also introduced a new type of variables called effects to give you even more control over the styling of the components. Additionally, we have added smart linking between the variables to help you easily play with different connection between variables. 

SSO Support

Forget the hassle of managing multiple usernames and passwords. Enterprise users can effortlessly integrate SSO into their workflow for a seamless and secure access experience.

SSO Login

Access Rights

Take control of your projects by assigning specific access rights. Define the roles of admins, editors and viewers to orchestrate a smooth and transparent collaboration within your team. 

Access rights


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