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Introducing Fluent Support in Progress ThemeBuilder

Dive deep and customize the details of each of our .NET web and JavaScript components, leveraging the new Fluent theme in Progress ThemeBuilder. If you have a style guide or design system based on the Fluent design, you can benefit from the newly supported theme right away.

Fluent is an open-source, cross-platform design system managed and maintained by Microsoft with a particular emphasis on accessibility, internationalization and performance.

Learn how to build a Fluent theme project in the documenation


Support for Custom Fonts and Font Icons in Progress ThemeBuilder

To further customize the look and feel of each of our web UI components, the Progress ThemeBuilder app introduces support for custom fonts and font icons. Using custom font icons comes with a visual icon picker that enables you to screen all available icons instead of having to remember them by name or code. Style your Telerik and Kendo UI components with ease based on your brand guidelines or personal preferences.


Support for Custom Metric Variables in Progress ThemeBuilder

With R1 2023, you can create custom metric variables for paddings, margins and many more. This enables you to use standardized metrics to follow your company style guide or design system metrics. The great thing about variables is that you can later update only the variable, which will update all components that use it, saving you time when customizing.



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