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Work Item Manager and Project Dashboard Beta2

October 20, 2009

Work Item Manager

What's New:
  • Iteration Planner tool
  • Add new work items in Task Board
  • Add related work items in Task Board

What's Fixed:
  • Lists of allowed values not populated correctly in query builder
  • Loading a query with fields that were deleted from the server caused the project to not load
  • Error when attempting to use drop down lists in column header filters
  • Occasional error when updating aggregate graph
  • In Area/Iteration filter pane, selected item appeared hidden when switching between document tabs
  • Work item counts not updated in Area/Iteration filter pane when saving or refreshing a query
  • Improved error handling when network connection not available
  • Moved buttons and added a scroll bar to the bulk work item editor
  • Double clicked work item opened in a new tab does not receive focus or become active
  • Added wait notifications for long running operations
  • Improved error messages
  • Error occurred when making the edit query screen very smallOccasional error when closing a query before it completed loading the work items
  • Aggregate function not removed from list when its parent group by field is removed
  • Improved aggregate function validation\
  • Task board sticky notes get cut off when making window too small
  • Occasional error when editing an existing group aggregate
  • Added draggable splitter on task board related work items screen
  • Error when trying to delete an already deleted query
  • Improved wait notifications for long running operations
  • Error retrieving work items for query that referenced an iteration and the iteration mad multiple spaces in a row in the name

Project Dashboard

What's Fixed:
  • Project configuration - User list on Images tab not populated
  • Project configuration – Some drop down lists that get populated based on a previous selection were not populated correctly
  • Error loading project when TFS is running on a non-standard port
  • Error loading widgets that use the TFS warehouse when the warehouse is running on SQL server standard edition
  • Error loading project when DashboardConfig.xml contains invalid or empty values for ServerAddress and/or ProjectName
  • Improved validation of project configuration screen.
  • Additional logging for some widgets
  • Dashboard did not always use new settings immediately after saving changes in the configuration screens
  • Improved wait notifications for long running operations
  • Occasional out of memory exception caused by Remaining Work widget
  • Occasional null reference exception in Build Breaker widget
  • Broken build sound occasionally cut off before playing completely
  • Remove all invalid file path characters from user image paths