Release History

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Work Item Manager and Project Dashboard Beta 4 (1.4.21430)

January 18, 2011

What’s new:

  • Add support for TFS hierarchical queries 
  • Parent/child task board view
  • Full support for Visual Studio Scrum v1.0 template
  • The grid supports filtering by any field, not just core/built-in fields

What’s changed:

  • Improvements when working with localized TFS
  • Code churn and code coverage off by one
  • Paste to current work item adds wrong user name to description
  • Failure to write broken build sound to file system causes project to not load
  • Iteration effort chart rounding incorrectly
  • No way to clear an entry when editing in the grid and using drop downs
  • Links pane - some links do not show up
  • User experience when opening dashboard and you are not able to connect to the server
  • Team Activities only shows the top 25 work items across the entire team
  • Work Item Types list not populated in query builder drop down
  • Current iteration not selected by default in the task board
  • Updated task board sticky note colors for new work item types
  • Broken link in installer