Release History

By product

Test Studio for APIs 2017.2530.1

May 29, 2017

What's New
- added Coded Step support in product
- added Edit Project Settings button to the toolbar
- open full downloaded content of the response
- implemented multiline input and value visualization in the variable value and in expected field for verifications
- added Full Value option for value path type in verifications/set-variable steps
- added Set Variable Action - Regex match
- support to decompress responses with Content-Encoding: gzip / deflate
- Implemented expand/collapse functionality by keyboard

What's Changed

- Rebranding of Telerik Test Studio. The new name of the product is Progress® Test Studio® for APIs
- rename the project Settings to Properties
- added new output panel category Compile
- added support for project References in Project Settings UI
- OAuth 2.0 - Allow sending client_id and client_secret as body parameters instead of header

What's Fixed

- Http requests fail if the request body contains only a variable reference and it is null or non-string
- Body and RequestBody runtime variables are not correctly resolved when a single step is executed
- update properties after changes
- JSON response gets treated as a wrong data type
- Cannot perform two consecutive rename actions