Release History

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Test Studio for APIs 2017.1207.2

February 6, 2017

What's new:
- Xpath support for data extraction
- Add validation for xpath and xmlpath input
- Multiple selection in the recording view
- Import http requests with form-data or x-www-form-urlencoded body
- Add support in the UI for basic authorization
- Add support in the UI for OAuth2 authorization
- Open and Save As functionality for data in requests and reponse view
- HTTP Recording configuration in Settings
- File download support in http requests
- X-www-form-urlencoded formats for http request body
- Option "follow redirects" for http requests

What's fixed:
- "Save Modified Files" prompt before test execution does not save project variables
- UI keeps CPU usage on 2-3% on idle time
- Verifications using cpath wildcard are working as expected
- Rest layout will correctly reset UI changes in the recorder pane
- Recorder stability improvements
- "Run Test" and "Run To Here" will no longer Delete Root Level Runtime Variables
- GoTo step execution stability improvements
- Copy/Paste of folders in the project view
- Ctrl + Z will correctly Undo changes in Body editor