Release History

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Testing Framework 2014.41211

December 10, 2014

What's New:
- Chrome 38 & 39 compatibility for po-pups and dialogues (Chrome playback extension published to Chrome Web Store)
- Framework Window.GetBitmap() (Image Capturing in Test Studio) optimized to run faster

What's Fixed:
- Dialog Handling: IE 9 Crashes with System.AccessViolationException after handling Save As dialog in Silverlight application
- Dialog Handling: OnBeforeUnload specific page dialog is not handled in IE11
- Dialog Handling: Download dialog handler ignoring data-binding in IE and FF
- Dialog Handling: Prompt dialog handling ignores text data-binding
- Dialog Handling Chrome: Unable to handle Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialogues in Chrome 38
- Framework Chrome: Connect to pop-up times out in latest Chrome 38 (Chrome Playback Extension v2014.3.618.4 published to Chrome Web Store)
- Framework Chrome: Closing pop-up in Chrome 38 also closes the parent browser
- Framework Chrome: Hosts.Manager unhandled exception launching Danish Chrome
- Framework Internet Explorer: Occasional ApplicationException launching IE
- Framework Silverlight: Unexpected scrolling simulating user typing text in inputs
- Framework WPF: Exception setting Element.Color.
- Framework WPF: Failure to locate RadTimeBar's SelectionVisibilityIndicator element
- Framework WPF: Wrong click in a WPF application for RightScrollButton