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Testing Framework 2014.2618

June 17, 2014

What's New:
- Clear cache files command support for Chrome playback
- Added VisualFind.ByBaseType() method for Silverlight and WPF frameworks to return the first element by base interface type
- Extended the SetText action in Silverlight/WPF with ClearCurrentText property.

What's Changed:
- XAML API: ITextBox.SetText method adds an extra parameter - bool clearCurrentText.

What's Fixed:
- Dialog Handling: Alert dialog is not handled in Chrome using unit test
- Dialog handling: Unable to handle a dialog if it loses the focus 
- Framework: Out of memory exception in Log.CaptureDesktop() scenario
- Framework: Unhelpful error for locked machine execution exception
- Framework Chrome: Disable web security dialog is not handled in latest Chrome 34 update
- Framework Chrome: Cannot handle a logon dialog in latest Chrome 34 update
- Framework Chrome: Handle download dialog with SAVE option fails in latest Chrome 34 update
- Framework Chrome: NoClickablePointException in latest Chrome 34 update
- Framework Chrome: COM exception "Re-Entrant CheckInit() call, aborting" on specific environment
- Framework Chrome: Click steps are failing with Timeout exception for customer web site in Chrome
- Framework Internet Explorer: Button click fails to find element inside pop-up in IE9 and IE10
- Framework Internet Explorer: IE DeleteHistory throwing NullReference on a custom environment
- Framework Firefox: Logon dialog handling problems with latest FF 28 and 29
- Framework Firefox: Unable to handle more than a single dialog after dialog handle
- Framework Firefox: ClearHistory throws exception in Firefox
- Silverlight Playback: SL application crash in case of inability to load 3rd party assembly